How to Install WiperTags

Installation & Care

To ensure your WiperTag stays secure to your vehicle, please watch this video or follow the instructions below.  Also checkout the "How to Care for Your WiperTag" at the bottom. 


movie-how to install new



Step 1:  Clean the surface to remove any dirt or chemical that would prevent a solid adhesive stick. Use a rubbing alcohol wipe if necessary and let dry.  


Step 2:  If you purchased a (LEFT) or (RIGHT) specific side WiperTag, ensure it is going to align correctly prior to attaching.  Each WiperTag package includes (2) sets of connected Locking Strips.  Remove the film from one side of each and press onto two areas of your rear wiper arm or blade.  Choose the best two locations where your WiperTag lays as flat as possible and has at least 1/2" of surface area to attach to.  Do not space further apart than the length of your WiperTag. Approximately 8" apart is ideal.    


installation diagram 

Step 3:  Remove the film from one side of the two Locking Strips.  A WiperTag extending beyond the window could result in an obstruction, such as a spoiler. Align straight and level before attaching.

IMPORTANT:  If you have an angled wiper, such as the one in the diagram, and a WiperTag with a logo or message, you'll want to attach it level as opposed to aligning with the wiper angle to ensure your message or graphic is straight instead of crooked. 


installation diagram straight


installation diagram incorrectinstallation diagram level


Step 4:  Press your WiperTag firmly against the strips and hold for a few seconds.  Do not push so firmly that it causes damage to your wiper or wiper blades.  Do not unlock the strips for a few hours to ensure a strong adhesion.  


Enjoy your new WiperTag!  



To remove your WiperTag, gently use fingers to separate the Locking Strips and pull apart.

When swapping out a new WiperTag, use the same Step 3 procedures above but separate the new Locking Strips first.  Keep the existing Locking Strips on the wiper and lock two new ones onto them. 




How to Care for Your WiperTag:

  • Clean WiperTags with a gentle cloth and light soap if necessary.  Harsh cleaning chemicals may cause damage.

  • It is recommended WiperTags be removed before entering a car wash to avoid becoming detached. 

  • Remove your WiperTag in extreme or harsh weather conditions.

  • If you need replacement locking strips, please contact us.